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OMP training
OMP Allocator

Target audience

  • Users who wish to deepen their knowledge of the OMP Allocator
  • Project members of new projects that use the OMP allocator: Key Users, Project Managers, Users, etc.
  • OMP consultants and customers who actively use the OMP allocator


1-day interactive classroom training to explain the basic concepts of the OMP Allocator based on a problem-solving method.

After this training you will

  • be familiar with the concepts and terminology of the OMP Allocator
  • have hands-on knowledge as to what an allocation problem is and how to structure and solve it
  • have a full overview of the OMP Allocator’s data model
  • know how to model and solve allocation problems using the OMP Allocator


Elementary OPAL 

Note: These details are provided for informational purposes only; content, prices and conditions are subject to change without prior notification. For the latest details, please consult your OMP representative.


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