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OMP Plus
Integration and Communication

The common data model provides the solid foundation of OMP Plus. It enables a seamless integration between the different planning functions.

On top of that, OMP Plus allows a flawless stream of information, keeping the data accurate at all times and making it flexible and easy to integrate. This enables different users and sites to work together smoothly. Furthermore, it permits collaborative planning with the external parties involved in your supply chain.

With these capabilities, OMP Plus provides you with the right answer for all multi-level, multi-user and multi-site challenges.

  • OMP Plus enables real time integration with SAP through its turnkey SAP NameSpace.
  • Similarly, OMP Integrator connects to other ERP systems, for example Oracle, JDE, M3… and any external data source using different possible technologies, for example web services.
  • Feedback from the shop floor is readily incorporated through OMP Feedback Manager. This module is typically linked to MES and SFC systems.
  • Any data that is not externally sourced can be easily maintained within OMP Plus through intuitive data management views that also enable simulations with master data.
  • Event Management to draw your attention when new events occur.
  • An intuitive multi-user framework allowing your teams to collaborate on the OMP Plus platform.
  • Flexible model aggregations when you need an overall view or disaggregations when you need to focus. 
  • Industry template solutions based on a vast expertise in your sector, allowing you to get started swiftly with OMP Plus.

To increase your flexibility, you choose whether you want to implement the OMP Plus functions in the cloud or on premise.





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