OMP for Paper & Plastics

A solution designed for the Paper & Plastics industries

OMP Paper and Plastics Solution is based on OMP Plus (read more...). This APS software provides Supply Chain Managers with solutions for all planning related issues, from the strategic down to the operational level. It has been conceived as a highly interactive, intelligent and integrated system, which will help you to reduce logistic costs and throughput times and to increase reliability of delivery dates and customer satisfaction.

OMP Plus has been enhanced with "OMP Cutting Optimizer for the paper and plastic film industries", a specific solver module to optimize cutting.

A special module for Paper and Plastic Film cutting

In order to cope with one of the most important challenges in your industry, OMP Cutting Optimizer has been developed for optimizing cutting paper and plastic film cutting. The cutting optimization process selects orders that are due in the next days and combines these orders in an optimal combination on the slitters/cutting installations.

OMP Cutting Optimizer takes into account a large number of constraints, and can optimize single beam slitters up to slitters with multiple independent beams. The optimization is based on a total cost approach, in which machine costs (set-up, loss of capacity, etc.), raw material costs (trimming waste, set-up losses etc.) and penalties are all taken into account.






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