OMP for Metals

OMP Cutting Optimizer

  • calculates the optimal cutting plan for a cluster of customer orders and coils.
  • the solver solution can be evaluated via a number of reports and a graphical visualisation of the cutting plan.
  • simulations are possible.


Campaign Solver

  • resides in the grey area between planning and scheduling,
  • groups productions belonging to the same product group in large production blocks and forms an optimal sequence of these blocks,
  • offers the ability of a dynamic cycle (most systems only support a static cycle).


  • is concerned with the overall WIP and throughput optimization, by ensuring a good balance of load via alternative routings/machines,
  • solves sequencing of a lot of production orders with long, complex routings to optimize overall WIP and customer delivery performance,
  • supports Time Divided Scheduling,
  • supports different operational optimization strategies: Kanban, Hejunka box, JIT, drum-buffer-rope (Theory of constraints), ...

Casting Solver

  • creates the optimal sequence for casting operations, taking into account the quality differences during the casting process,
  • automatically adds the necessary production orders to account for the unavoidable percentage distribution of qualities during the casting process.

Coffin Solver

HotRoll is often the biggest bottleneck in the entire installation. Therefore, determining a good coffin schedule is extremely important. Our coffin solver

  • creates an optimal sequence on HotRoll Machine,
  • is able to project multiple coffins for a period up to several weeks in one go.

Annealing & Pickling Solver

Sequence solver that takes into account a multitude of typical annealing and pickling sequence (soft) constraints:

  • switches in dimensions
  • switches in alloys
  • switches in treatment
  • ...

This solver maximizes throughput while maintaining quality.

Cold rolling Solver

Sequence solver that takes into account a multitude of typical cold rolling (soft) constraints:

  • switches in dimensions
  • switches in alloys
  • number of reductions
  • ...






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