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OMP for Packaging
Shop Floor Integration

OMP for Packaging is closely linked with the shop floor through a comprehensive set of integration modules. These provide a two-way integration by:

  • making all scheduling decisions instantly available to the shop floor,
  • integrating actual production performance into the scheduling module.

With more than 200 implementations within the industry, OM Partners has built up broad experience in shop floor integration, resulting in an impressive list of fully tested links.

OMP Corrugator Link integrates seamlessly with your corrugator, solid board machine or laminator. Setup details are automatically downloaded into the machine controller, and production data are automatically uploaded into the OMP System. Read more...

OMP Conversion Link connects to all your conversion machines, automatically capturing real-time production details (speed, quantities, downtime etc.). With minimal effort, accurate production data are captured for integration within the scheduling module and for further historical analysis. Read more...

OMP Conveyor Link interfaces with your conveyor system, assuring smooth and reliable automated handling of all work in progress. It is in daily use with conveyor systems from Dücker, Martin, Minda, Pentek, SHS and Witron. As OMP continuously informs the conveyor system of the actual production schedule, the right materials are delivered to the right machine at the right time. This further improves your production efficiency and quality assurance.

OMP Ink Kitchen Link downloads ink specifications and quantities, according to the machine schedules.

OMP Palletizer Link provides strapping, stretch wrap and pallet information to the machine controller.


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