Corrugated and Solid Board

OMP for Packaging
Planning Functions

The planning and scheduling modules provide advanced optimization capabilities from the strategic down to the operational level.

The planners rely on three modules to effectively plan the order flow:

  • OMP Master Planner offers multi-site planning of the production load. It thereby minimizes production and transport costs, throughput time and WIP. It also supports capacity reservations where the reserved capacity is matched with incoming orders. Other extensions to the standard functionality offer Contract Management and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). Read more...
  • OMP Corrugator Optimizer performs deckling optimization based on a global cost approach, taking into account all sources of material waste and capacity losses. A highly flexible mathematical model takes care of a wide range of requirements, set by corrugators and solid board machines. This advanced solver works in multi-grade mode, and fully supports multi-corrugator and multi-site operations. Read more...
  • OMP Scheduler optimizes corrugator and conversion schedules to ensure smooth and efficient production with maximum respect for due dates and special attention for WIP levels. OMP Corrugator Optimizer can be activated directly from within OMP Scheduler, thereby allowing fast re-deckling triggered by order changes or conversion requirements. Read more...
  • OMP Transport Planner offers multi-site shipment planning. It minimizes transport costs rather than the number of trips or the distance traveled. It is tightly synchronized with OMP Scheduler and with external warehousing systems to ensure timely deliveries, to respect delivery windows and to avoid wrong deliveries. A state-of-the-art algorithm automatically creates a cost-effective and feasible transport plan. Read more...





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