Corrugated and Solid Board

OMP for Packaging

The leading Supply Chain Planning Solution for your industry

Since more than 35 years, the OMP for Packaging is the leading supply chain planning solution for your industry. Every day, our comprehensive and fully integrated solution helps our customers to shorten lead times and guarantee delivery reliability while minimizing overall costs. Using powerful optimization algorithms, these advanced planning tools incorporate OM Partners’ in-depth knowledge of planning concepts and its wide expertise within the industry.

OMP cuts costs

OMP combines highly sophisticated corrugator optimization with a set of advanced planning modules that cover long term planning through to detailed scheduling. It reduces costs by optimizing machine utilization, chasing waste, keeping WIP and stocks under control and constantly monitoring production. OMP is organized to always provide timely and accurate data to all users, avoiding rework and lost time. It allows for effective multi-site planning and the management of clusters of production sites. All planning and interface modules can be automated, allowing your operations to run efficiently with a minimal staff.

OMP reduces lead times

Our planning modules support different techniques that enable you to reduce your lead times and at the same time balance capacity utilization. OMP combines customer orders with stock replenishments for contracts or VMI. Capacity reservations proactively keep some production capacity free for important customers or specific product ranges.

OMP guarantees delivery reliability

The basis of delivery reliability is our on-line order promising module that gives you an immediate and reliable due date, taking into account the actual situation in your factory and all relevant technical and logistic constraints. Effective planning tools, combined with an accurate and on-line production feedback, ensure that you keep your original promises.

OMP increases reactivity and flexibility

OMP clearly displays actual and future planning and execution problems. It allows you to react in time, and in the correct way. The use of management-by-exception reports, and the simulation possibilities allow you to quickly identify changes and simulate their effects on the overall plan.

OMP supports your efforts on quality

OMP focuses on delivering the right product with the right quantity at the promised time. Quality tracing further supports your quality management, while your operators get online access to the latest version of all technical product data and drawings.

OMP protects your investments

The modularity and flexibility of OMP allows you to make optimal use of new and more sophisticated production equipment or, for example, to easily move from single site to multi-site planning.






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