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OMP for Packaging
Management Reporting

Performance reporting

OMP Performance Reports offer standard reporting on corrugator and conversion performance, articles, breakdowns and other performance indicators. Many reports are already aggregated for thorough analysis (e.g. team performance reports, article reports, breakdowns per category and other KPIs).

Tracing reports

For each order, the OMP Tracing Reports module groups all order details as captured throughout its life-cycle: order booking details, planning and production details (including operator remarks), machine breakdowns, quality tracing information and even the individual paper reels used on the corrugator.

Statistics on paper consumption

Other standard reports show historical paper consumption from different points of view: per paper type, per article or per customer. These reports provide insight into past consumption and help in making paper forecasts. They also allow you to quickly analyze the impact of an external event on future paper consumption (e.g. the effect of an important change in a customer’s demand, or the change in the composition of an article).

Customer-specific reporting

OMP Reporter provides specific reporting capabilities. The data of these reports can be dumped to Microsoft Excel ® for further analysis. In addition, you can use the data collected in the historical database to make repetitive reports or specific analyses in your own reporting environment.

Advanced interactive reporting

All OMP planning and reporting modules contain OLAP-Cube functionality which allows fast and flexible reporting and data analysis. With this multi-dimensional pivot table structure, you can easily analyze all available data from different angles. Another powerful reporting capability is the chart-generation component, which is also available in all planning and reporting modules. This component allows clear visualization of available information with easy configuration of the type of chart, information to be visualized, colors used, etc.






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