OMP Plus

OMP Plus orchestrates your supply chain in the best possible way

OMP Plus acts as one system of record and is highly praised by analysts for this. So, it is a one stop solution for all planning functions, with a common, in-memory integrated data model for optimal performance and scalable architecture.

Within all areas of the supply chain, core planning functions are available, starting from the operational level with Detailed Scheduling and sequencing that is often embedded with Master Planning, covering both short-term and mid-term planning horizons.

The S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) process focuses on reconciling the aggregated demand and supply. On top of that, OMP Plus helps teams to collaborate in this process through a common workflow.

On the strategic level, sometimes considered as an extension of S&OP, OMP Plus optimizes your Network Design or relocation type of studies. These studies focus on multiple years and contain more degrees of freedom for all types of scenarios, like opening and closing DCs, tax incentives, greenfields…

Some of the functions span across multiple levels of Planning. Forecasting can generate a very long term or shorter term forecast and hence connects to S&OP, Operational Planning, Network Design or a combination of those. ATP/CTP Order Promising uses information from S&OP all the way down to detailed scheduling as feedback to customer representatives and it gives real-time responses to order requests.

OMP Plus also covers MEIO (Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization), setting the Safety Stock and buffer (DDMRP) targets to be used in S&OP or in operational planning. Allocation includes order allocation or forecast consumption as well as material allocation, providing the best match between demand and supply at multiple planning functions.

So, OMP Plus is an end-to-end Planning and Scheduling platform ensuring instant collaboration between all participants in the supply chain.






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