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OMP training
OMP Allocator

The Allocator training introduces participants to the concepts and terminology of the OMP Allocator. The course explains with clear examples what an allocation problem is, how to structure it and how to solve it. The participants will be given a full overview of the data model of the OMP allocator. They are then explained how to model and solve allocation problems using the OMP allocator.

Target audience

  • Users that wish to deepen their knowledge of the OMP Allocator
  • Project members in a new project that uses the OMP allocator: key users, project managers, users, etc..
  • OM Partners consultants, customers actively using the OMP allocator


 1-day interactive classroom training explaining the basic concepts of the OMP Allocator based on a problem-solving method. 


  • Introduction: problem definition, solution, exercise environment
  • Defining the problem:
    • link rules
    • links
  • Defining the process:
    • cycles and tasks
    • clustering
    • allocation
    • aggregation
  • Solving the problem 


Elementary OPAL 

Note: These details are provided for informational purposes only; content, prices and conditions can be subject to variation. For the latest details, please consult your OM Partners representative.

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