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OMP training
OMP for Packaging Scheduler

In this training you will learn how to use some of the more advanced features in OMP for Packaging that will enhance your scheduling skills. 

Target audience

  • Users that wish to deepen their knowledge of the OMP Scheduler
  • Application managers
  • Project members in a new project: key users, project managers, etc.  


1-day interactive classroom training explaining the basic concepts of the OMP Scheduler. 


  • Introduction
  • Normal scheduling flow
  • Information flow
  • Evaluation
  • Advanced topics
    • Setup, run times and delays
    • Splitting steps
    • Redeckling  


Basic experience with OMP for Packaging


Note: These details are provided for informational purposes only; content, prices and conditions can be subject to variation. For the latest details, please consult your OMP representative.

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