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OMP Training
Demand Cycle

Order Management (OM) is part of the integrated planning cycle and can be supported by the Demand Cycle functionality. In the first half day the concepts of an Order Management process and the corresponding Demand Cycle functionality is explained. The hands-on experience of the Demand cycle is acquired during another half day of training. 

Target audience

  • First half day: Customers and OM Partners consultants who want to understand the concepts to support the Order Management process
  • Second half day: OM Partners consultants involved in the implementation of an Order Management process


  • One half day only focusing on the concepts


  • 1 full day both concepts and hands-on experience


  • Theory
    • Demand Cycle concepts
    • Allocation
    • Quota Check
    • ATP Promising
    • Forecast Netting
  • Practice
    • Demand cycle in the analysis phase
    • Demand cycle in the implementation phase
    • Demand cycle in the validation phase 


Basic experience with OMP Plus (templates, OPAL, settings)

 Note: These details are provided for informational purposes only; content, prices and conditions can be subject to variation. For the latest details, please consult your OM Partners representative.


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