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OMP Plus Training
Operational Supply Planning and Scheduling Cycle

The Cycle training introduces users to the application’s functions and screens, explains OMP Plus terminology and gives the user an understanding of the business usage of the application. It also provides a clear overview of the data model.

Target audience

  • Key users who wish to deepen their knowledge of OMP Plus application
  • Application managers
  • Project members in a new project: key users, IT people, project managers, users, etc.
  • OM Partners consultants + developers


2-day interactive classroom training explaining the basic concepts of Operational supply planning and scheduling within OMP Plus. 


  • Basic navigation in OMP
  • Core model
  • Data maintenance
  • Solution data & calendar data
  • Operational planning cycle & workflow introduction
  • Data update & validation
  • Conflict-based planning
  • Updating the volume plan
  • How to create a good schedule
  • Communicating the plan and schedule
  • Working with multiple users
  • Pivots 


Basic navigation e-learning or equivalent knowledge on the OMP Plus GUI

Note: These details are provided for informational purposes only; content, prices and conditions can be subject to variation. For the latest details, please consult your OM Partners representative.

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