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Consulting & Implementation Services

Our agile, project-based approach sustains our ability to deliver solutions. We typically go for a phased approach with clearly defined objectives, budget and milestones per phase. That way, you are closely involved in each stage, and you know whether the project is on track. After one or more analysis and implementation phases, sprints or business releases, we come to the final acceptance of a project.

Analysis and design

We first check whether a clear benefits plan is available and a good project organization is in place. Next, we analyze the to-be planning cycle and landscape in detail. The following step is to design the proposed solution, with the appropriate architecture. In some cases, analysis is combined with prototyping exercises, to make sure that both parties have a precise understanding of the proposed system and way of working.

Expert knowledge

Our consultants combine their thorough knowledge of supply chain planning concepts, sector know-how, product expertise and creativity to come up with the optimum solution.

Implementation and validation

In the implementation phase, the software modules are parameterized according to the results of the analysis, tailoring the solution to your specific requirements. By keeping the same key members of the project team, we ensure seamless integration between analysis and implementation.

The modeling and parameter setting are followed by thorough testing, validation and fine-tuning. Throughout the implementation phase, we transfer all the necessary functional and technical know-how to you, with an appropriate training and documentation program.

The implementation phase is usually split into several sprints, or business releases. This makes it possible to reduce the project risk and to deliver first benefits earlier in the project.



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