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Cloud Services

OM Partners’ mission is to optimize our customer’s supply chain. Our solutions offer enhanced efficiency, visibility, reactivity, reliability and quality. We not only offer our solutions on premise, but also in the cloud.

This platform, designed to provide easy and secure access to our applications and services can be made available at the start and the ramp up of any customer project.


OM Partners supplies the necessary hardware, software and services, so that there is no need for the customer to provide its own resources or allocate IT staff.

The OM Partners Cloud can scale dynamically, growing together with the customer needs and number of users.


Key characteristics of the OM Partners Cloud include:

  • Flexible scalability: OM Partners supports variations in the number of users of the application, enabling customers with cloud resources accordingly.
  • SaaS Application in sync with application OMP roadmap: the same functional capabilities are available for OM Partners Cloud as for perpetual licenses.
  • Fully Managed Service: OM Partners manages the complete service including the cloud infrastructure, backup/recovery, availability and maintenance.
  • Cloud resources optimized for performance: OMP applications are deployed on cloud resources that are specifically selected and configured.
  • Global Reach: OM Partners deploys, manages and supports the OMP application throughout the Americas, EMEA and APAC.
  • ISO upgrade: For customers choosing the full SaaS service, ISO upgrade of the OMP applications is included.



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