CPG and Food & Beverage

Planning Functions

OMP Plus manages a diversity of planning issues

The planning exercise includes decisions at the level of collaborative Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Master Planning and Vendor Managed Inventory Planning (VMI) and covers the domains of supply, manufacturing, and distribution. Solving such a wide array of planning issues for different planning environments requires a planning solution with extensive and flexible modeling capabilities.

OMP Plus provides optimum solutions for complex questions

Supply chain planning decisions have an enormous impact on costs and performance. When developing your S&OP plan, master plan and/or VMI plan, a wide range of business rules, parameters, constraints and objectives needs to be considered. Considering the importance as well as the complexity, you need to look for the optimum solution.

OMP Plus enables clear visualization and smart scenario management

Solving different planning issues with different time horizons calls for intuitive and flexible visualization of planning information and conflicts. After all, you need to grasp the plan’s consequences and potential pitfalls at first glance. In order to find a winning plan, you also need an easy way to progressively refine your simulations and evaluate alternative scenarios.

OMP Plus provides and communicates relevant information

Adequate reporting facilities make it possible to assess the quality of the plans. Planning decisions typically cover a wide range of functional and organizational units, both up-stream and down-stream, both internal and external. Management, sales, production and distribution departments in your organization and beyond, all need instant access to information that concerns them. Efficient ways of sharing data and providing feedback are vital if you want your plan to become a competitive reality.


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