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Planning Functions
ATP/CTP (Order Promising) & Allocation

OMP Plus allocates orders to forecasts based on powerful logic

When order requests are processed, they are allocated to previously generated demand, such as the forecasts, reservations, sales quotas, etc. that served as input for planning. This order allocation is performed according to strict rules, based on business-specific requirements. An intelligent, powerful solution is needed when applying allocation rules that may involve many different demands.

OMP Plus provides accurate promise dates

Rather than using fixed lead times when calculating a promise date for an order request, you’ll be looking for a solution based on Available-to-Promise (ATP), Capable-to-Promise (CTP) or mixed order promising logics. No matter which logic applies in your specific environment, you must find an accurate order promising system that allows you to consider the availability of all the relevant resources, and to select the most suitable alternative.

OMP Plus helps you to keep your promises

Making promises is easier than keeping them! Stability is the cornerstone of reliable order linkage to enterprise resources. Given the continuous changes in your environment and thus the enterprise resources, keeping as close as possible to commitments can be quite a challenge! OMP Plus helps you to keep your promises.

OMP Plus links orders to resources online

Finally, providing customers with resource information based on real time planning information gives you a strong competitive advantage in customer service.


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