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Network Design

OMP Plus manages different strategic supply chain questions

When designing your supply chain, different decisions need to be integrated. You need to integrate decisions on whether to introduce or discontinue product lines; decisions on the supply chain network structure needed to meet the demand for these product lines; and decisions on the role played by each network node in terms of assigned product lines, supply function and stocking policies.

OMP Plus provides optimum solutions for strategic issues

Strategic supply chain decisions typically require long-term investments and commitments. They also involve a wide range of business rules, often with complex parameters and constraints. Considering the strategic importance as well as the complexity involved, you need to look for the optimum solution when dealing with all elements simultaneously or even sequentially.

OMP Plus enables smart scenario management

When analyzing the solution, different scenarios need to be examined. For each of the scenarios, a focused approach is required, when for example simulating costs and margins. In addition, there has to be flexibility in varying the simulation parameters. This requires a tool that helps you understand, interpret and compare the “optimum” results.

OMP Plus facilitates sharing and communication of strategic information

The ultimate challenge of the strategic exercise is to put the decisions into practice. Strategic information and constraints must be communicated efficiently to all parties involved in the supply chain. This calls for advanced reporting and visualization tools.


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