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OMP Plus increases forecast reliability through collaborative forecasts

Sharing demand information in a collaborative way is the key to high forecast reliability. Because of the different perspectives and interests of the parties involved in the forecasting process, this requires flexible modeling of demand information and smooth communication of information in and outside the organization.

OMP Plus manages changing demand complexity

The forecasting challenge comprises more than merely producing base forecasts for normal demand. You need to capture and simulate changing market conditions, such as special offers and external changes in prices and volumes. In addition you need to manage shortening product life cycles and recalculation of safety stock levels, taking into account the latest forecasting performance. Finally, you should take into account the latest market demand behavior.

OMP Plus provides fast and intelligent solutions

Fast tracking of exceptional sales values, choosing the best-fit forecast strategies, aggregating and breaking down forecasts in an optimal way … all this requires advanced intelligence. Specific intelligence is also needed for calculating the impact of special offers, and for dealing with small volumes and irregular products. As a forecaster you want to be able to focus on the exceptional details as well as on totals. And you need powerful calculation mechanisms, to generate reliable forecasts for large numbers of forecast objects.

OMP Plus includes flexible reporting

Finally, accurate forecasts need comprehensive and transparent reporting in order to evaluate, fine-tune, validate and check the forecasts. User-definable reports make it possible to develop company-specific forecast reports and sales budget progress reports, providing vital guidelines throughout the organization.


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