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Planning Functions
S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning)

OMP Plus manages Sales & Operations Planning

S&OP balances demand with supply within a tactical horizon. In doing so it synchronizes collaboration between Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Purchasing, R&D and Finance departments.

Managing a diversity of global S&OP planning issues

The S&OP exercise includes decisions like sourcing, capacity and resource allocation, inventory management, demand shaping and covers the domains of supply, manufacturing, and distribution. Solving such a wide array of planning issues for different planning environments requires a planning solution with extensive and
flexible modeling capabilities, including alternative aggregation rules when working on an aggregated level, and that is able to deal with a global model in a multi-user environment.

S&OP in an integrated solution

As OMP Plus is an Integrated Supply Chain Planning solution, the link with the strategic and the operational levels becomes instant and both gathering the data for a new S&OP cycle as well as communicating the result of the S&OP exercise becomes extremely easy and is immediately visible. This allows to drastically shorten the length of your S&OP cycle. On top of that workflow management helps to follow up the different steps in a typical S&OP process.

Optimum solution: moving from volume to value based S&OP

Supply chain planning decisions have an enormous impact on costs and performance. When developing your S&OP plan, a wide range of business rules, parameters, constraints and objectives need to be considered. When involving financial data, it becomes possible to include costs and weight factors as a driving force for your balancing, resulting in a value based optimized S&OP plan. Which again allows to shorten the S&OP cycle.

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