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Solvers ensure that the solutions proposed by the planning modules are really "optimum".

The solvers are designed to meet several objectives at the same time, taking into account a large set of constraints. Objectives can for example be to maximize margins, to optimize delivery performance, and to minimize costs. Constraints can be to respect available capacities, to comply with buffering policies and to satisfy demand.

The underlying techniques are based on mathematical programming and meta heuristics, combined with a variety of local heuristics.

The solver modules in turn fall into two broad categories:

  • The generic solvers add planning intelligence to standard application functions and can be applied in almost every industry. Solvers are available for a variety of tasks, such as: Network Design, Sourcing and Distribution Optimization, Fair Share Optimization, Make or Buy Decisions, By- and Co-Product Planning, Multi-Period Capacity Planning, Campaign and Cycle Planning, and Allocation and Sequencing.
  • The application-specific solvers deal with specific problems in particular industries. Our unique expertise has been built in solving various cutting problems. OMP Cutting Optimizers include a set of very powerful solver modules for cutting problems in the corrugated and solid board, metals, paper and plastics industries.





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