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OMP Plus
Response and Optimized

Collaboratively balance & optimize mid and long-term planning and respond & solve short-term issues with OMP Plus.

OMP Plus enables both short-term response and long-term planning

Practicing good Response and Optimize Planning enables your organization to address short-term operational challenges while maintaining long-term production and distribution planning clarity. Often, an immediate challenge will have repercussions, disrupting your short term plan and leaving you with a series of problems to solve for the coming weeks. OMP Plus provides your organization with responsiveness by allowing the user to rapidly drill down to the root cause and resolve areas of conflict. Intuitive dashboards guide decision making and push exception reports to any platform.

OMP Plus provides responsiveness when you need it most

Suppliers missing a shipment, orders shifting, a rush order from your most important account? These situations can cause havoc in your schedule, putting your supply chain performance at risk. The ability to make dynamic decisions in response to unforeseen events while maintaining focus on the end-to-end supply chain becomes increasingly pivotal. This ability is of crucial importance across all areas of planning: supply, manufacturing, and distribution. Through readily available & real-time KPIs in OMP Plus, users are able to quickly evaluate different plans and make intelligent, reality-based decisions.

OMP Plus enables holistic optimization in tactical planning

Embedded dashboards, reports and analytics in OMP Plus provide you with the capability to sort through the noise and quickly identify areas of conflict in the short-term while integrating long-term planning; all of this in a collaborative tool. Value-based optimization driven by flexible objectives such as margin maximization, fair share and other solvers are best in class. Short-term and long-term decision making are no longer disjointed but merged seamlessly in a holistic approach.