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Belgian Society for Operations Research celebrates 50th Anniversary

January 28, 2008

Nicolas Gillis wins Orbel Award for best student thesis on Operations Research

On January 18th, Orbel, the Belgian Operations Research Society (SOGESCIB. V.W.B.) celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Orbel 22 Conference in Brussels. For half a century now, they have been promoting the use of scientific methods for management.

One of the tools they use to promote these methods, is the Orbel Award to reward the best student’s thesis on operational research in Belgium. This Award (worth €1000) is organized every year and is funded by OM Partners.

Nicolas Gillis, student at the Université Catholique de Louvain, received the Orbel Award 2008 for his thesis entitled “Approximation et sous-approximation de matrices par factorisation positive : algorithmes, complexité et applications” (Approximation and under-approximation of matrices by positive factorization: algorithms, complexity and applications) ”.

The prize is awarded for a thesis that has a solid theoretical background and because of its relevance for real-life applications. The approach should contain original elements by introducing new techniques or y applying existing techniques to new fields. The presentation and summary should be concise and clear.

“We sponsor this Orbel Award, since we want to encourage young people to continue their research in operations management and reward them for the contribution made with their thesis,” says Wouter Blondeel, Senior Business Development Manager at OM Partners. “Operations Management (OM in OM Partners) is at the heart of our activities as a vendor of supply chain planning software. We’ve been working together with the academic world in this field for more than 20 years and will continue to do so in the years to come.”


About the Organization

SOGESCI-B.V.W.B. is the Belgian Society for the promotion of scientific methods of management. Its goal is to contribute to the diffusion of new tools, methods and knowledge in the field of Operations Research, Management Science, Logistics and related disciplines. It also aims at stimulating research in the above field as well as developing the cooperation between researchers and with the industry and business, both on national and international levels.

For more information on the society, its activities and the award, visit the website www.orbel.be.


About OM Partners

OM Partners is a software and consulting company that offers Supply Chain Planning Solutions to chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, consumer goods, metals, plastics, textiles, glass, corrugated board and solid board, paper, and other industries.

Since its foundation in 1985 it has enjoyed steady growth, developing into one of the most important players in the Supply Chain Planning market. The OMP Supply Chain Suite offers solutions for all planning problems, from strategic to tactical and operational.



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