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Unique capabilities for the semi process industries

Within the field of semi process industries, OMP Plus (read more...) provides solutions for among others: animal feed, cement, cereals, chemicals, consumer products, dairy products, fertilizers, food & beverage, pharma & life sciences, and starch...

All of these industries tend to share typical characteristics:

  • Production of bulk product based on inventory policies (continuous or batch), followed by packaging, typically Pack-to-Order.
  • Restrictions on product and/or quality change-overs, resulting in complex contamination rules and cycle and campaign planning.
  • Additional complexity due to co- and by-product planning (e.g. cement, chemical and dairy industries), blending optimization (e.g. animal feed and fertilizer industries), and limited shelf life (e.g. dairy and food industries).
  • Planning issues such as batch sizing and allocation constraints, typically involving reactors, tanks and silos.

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