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Mill Products

Unique capabilities for the mill products industries

Mill Products Industries include industries such as corrugated and solid board, glass, metals, paper, plastics, rubbers, textiles, wood... and many others.

These industries all tend to share certain characteristics, including:

  • Long routings, with many operations requiring extra control of throughput times and work-in-process.
  • Complex sequencing rules as well as cycle and campaign planning aspects, with expensive and difficult changes of product and/or quality. For example, hot & cold rolling mills, galvanizing and painting lines in the metals industry, extruders and orienters in the plastics industry, or paper mills in the paper industry.
  • Complex optimization issues on top of typical planning and scheduling issues. For example, blending optimization in the metals industry, and cutting or combination optimization in the corrugated board, paper and plastics industries.
  • Typically Make-to-Order and/or Make-to-Stock /Finish-to-Order environments.

For some sectors, such as the paper based packaging industries (read more...) and the metals industry (read more...), OMP Plus additionally includes sector-specific modules.

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