Smart, value-driven planning
in dynamic, connected supply chains

OM Partners is proud to announce the OM Partners UGO Conference in Rotterdam on October 16, 17 and 18.

We invite you to join us for this unique knowledge sharing and networking event, built this year around the theme of
'Smart, value-driven planning in dynamic, connected supply chains'.

Enjoy 3 days of innovation news, customer testimonials, industry councils, training sessions, live product demonstrations and one-to-one meetings.

Why Attend


Maximize the value of your OMP solution


Network with leading worldwide players from your industry


Witness the latest capabilities of the OMP solution through interactive demos


Participate in round table discussions to solve strategic supply chain challenges


Join our OMP professionals for in-depth training sessions and expert advice


Monday, Oct 15
7:00 Happy Hour with appetizers (Bar of Mainport hotel)
9:00 End
Tuesday, Oct 16
9:00 Registration & Coffee (Shipping Hall)
9:30 OMP: 'Welcome Speech' - Anita Van Looveren, OM Partners (Rotterdam Hall)
10:00 'Constantly Connected, The Role of Humans in the Digital Revolution' - Rahaf Harfoush (Rotterdam Hall)
10:50 Coffee (Shipping Hall)
11:20 OMP: 'How to realize a truly smart and connected supply chain?' - Jan Snoeckx & Jan Geuens, OM Partners (Rotterdam Hall)
11:55 OMP: 'An inspiring vision on digital leadership' - Pieter Van Nyen & Bart Stynen, OM Partners (Rotterdam Hall)
12:30 Lunch (Shipping Hall)
2:00 UGO: 'A path to globally connected value-based optimization & planning at Shell Chemicals' - Jack Eggels, Shell (Rotterdam Hall)
UGO: 'OMP Plus in the OM Partners Cloud is driving Integrated Business Planning at Alexion' - David Aherne, Alexion (Penn Room I + II)
UGO: 'Mondi Consumer Packaging goes OMP!' - Michael Stadler & Sven Frolik, Mondi Consumer Packaging (Leeuwen Room I + II)
UGO: Metals Industry Council (Goudriaan Room II)
UGO: 'Minimizing Transportation Cost for Routing Planning and Carrier Selection' - Michiel Bekaert, Unilin (Diamond Room II)
2:45 UGO: 'End-to-End Centralized Demand Planning, S&OP and Scheduling at pladis with OMP Plus' - Gavin Revell, pladis (Rotterdam Hall)
UGO: 'Inventory Optimization and Forecasting at Betafence' - Heidi Behiels, Betafence (Penn Room I + II)
UGO: 'Smart planning systems ensure better plans and act as a driver for process improvement and change management' - Martin Heindl, voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace (Leeuwen Room I + II)
UGO: Pharma Industry Council (Goudriaan Room II)
3:20 Coffee (Shipping Hall)
3:50 UGO: 'Detailed Production Scheduling in the Dairy industry for PepsiCo Dairy'- Dmitry Vikharev, PepsiCo (Rotterdam Hall)
UGO: 'How to enhance Supply agility and optimize stocks level within a complex supply chain' - Edouard Anagonou & Yu-Lim Tan, Michelin (Penn Room I + II)
UGO: 'S&OP Journey at Industeel: how S&OP process enables better leadership and decision making' - Erwin Bussi, Industeel (Leeuwen Room I + II)
UGO: Chemicals Industry Council (Goudriaan Room II)
4:30 Guided walk in Rotterdam
Explore Rotterdam, with its historic sites and ultramodern architecture. This guided city walk is an exciting tour through the heart of Rotterdam.

You will see the most interesting places, squares and buildings, and your guide will tell you the history and stories behind each one. A walk along these beautiful sights is the perfect way to discover Rotterdam.
6:00 Dinner in Hulstkamp Gebouw
The Hulstkamp Gebouw is Rotterdam's proud eye-catcher on the Noordereiland. Did you know that this stunning building was a gin distillery for Hulstkamp Jenever?

It is one of the few buildings in this modern city that has stood the test of time. And nowadays, the Hulstkamp Gebouw is well known as a versatile and authentic event location, situated on the banks of the Maas, near the famous Erasmus bridge.
10:00 End
Wednesday, Oct 17
9:00 Registration & Coffee (Shipping Hall)
9:30 OMP: How market dynamics drive execution and innovation' - Philip Vervloesem & Kurt Gillis, OM Partners (Rotterdam Hall)
10:05 OMP: 'One team committed to partnership and value for our customers' - Paul Vanvuchelen & Abhi Patel, OM Partners (Rotterdam Hall)
10:40 Coffee (Shipping Hall)
11:10 UGO: 'An innovative approach to implementing OMP Plus at Dow!' - Dave Winstone, Dow (Rotterdam Hall)
UGO: 'How to create End-to-End visibility?' - Anneleen Tronquo & Luc Schepens, Bridgestone (Penn Room I + II)
UGO: 'Towards an intelligent connected plant - finding solutions for the digital dilemma' - Hans Diehl, Buderus Edelstahl (Leeuwen Room I + II)
UGO: 'Accelerated global OMP Plus implementation at Coloplast – approach and challenges' - Jens Lanng Nielsen, Coloplast (Diamond Room II)
11:55 UGO: 'Enterprise S&OP at FrieslandCampina' - José van den Berg & Diederick van den Berg, FrieslandCampina (Rotterdam Hall)
UGO: 'Establishing Demand Planning as a new Business Process (at Sibelco)' - Øystein Gulliksen, Sibelco (Penn Room I + II)
OMP: 'Packaging Road Map' - Pieter Geerinck & Robin Willems, OM Partners (Leeuwen Room I + II)
UGO: 'Synchronized value-based S&OP planning decisions with OMP Plus' - David Kochanek, Evonik (Diamond Room II)
12:30 Lunch (Shipping Hall)
1:30 UGO: 4 Round tables - 45 min each - (see details below)
OMP: Demos (see details below) (Mercurius & Exchange Hall)
4:00 Closing reception & Results of OM Partners' quiz (Shipping Hall)
5:00 End
Thursday, Oct 18
8:30 Registration & Coffee (Lloyd's Lobby)
9:00 OMP: How to integrate scheduling with execution (Functional training) (Penn Room I)
OMP: How to design dashboards and business reports (Functional training) (Penn Room II)
OMP: How transparent business rules drive exception-based planning (Planning & coaching) (Leeuwen Room I)
OMP: Enhancing KPIs through demand planning process improvement (Advisory) (Leeuwen Room II)
OMP: Realize your business strategy through supply chain segmentation (Advisory) (Goudriaan Room II)
11:00 Coffee (Lloyd's Lobby)
11:30 OMP: How to integrate scheduling with execution (Functional training) (Penn Room I)
OMP: How to design dashboards and business reports (Functional training) (Penn Room II)
OMP: How transparent business rules drive exception-based planning (Planning & coaching) (Leeuwen Room I)
OMP: Enhancing KPIs through demand planning process improvement (Advisory) (Leeuwen Room II)
OMP: Realize your business strategy through supply chain segmentation (Advisory) (Goudriaan Room II)
1:30 Lunch (Lloyd's Lobby)
2:30 End

OM Partners reserves the right to make last minute changes to the program.


Rahaf Harfoush

Keynote Speaker & Founder of Red Thread Inc.

Anneleen Tronquo

Partner at bluecrux & Visibility Project lead at Bridgestone

Dave Winstone

Program Director – E2E Business Planning at Dow

David Aherne

Director Global Supply Chain Planning at Alexion

David Kochanek

Supply Chain Solution Manager at Evonik

Diederick van den Berg

E-S&OP Planner at FrieslandCampina

Dmitry Vikharev

National Operations Development Manager at PepsiCo

Erwin Bussi

Supply Chain Manager at Industeel

Edouard Anagonou

Supply Chain Business Analyst and Product Owner at Michelin

Gavin Revell

Director Business Engagement & Regional IS at pladis

Hans Diehl

Project Manager Organization, Planning and Strategy at Buderus Edelstahl

Heidi Behiels

Group Planning Manager at Betafence

Jack Eggels

General Manager Chemicals Operations at Shell

Jens Lanng Nielsen

Director Supply Chain Development at Coloplast

José van den Berg

Project and Portfolio Manager at FrieslandCampina

Martin Heindl

VP SCM at voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace

Michael Stadler

Supply Chain Manager at Mondi Consumer Packaging

Michiel Bekaert

IS OMP Architect at Unilin

Øystein Gulliksen

European Demand Planning Manager at Sibelco

Sven Frolik

Manager Applications at Mondi Information Management

Yu-Lim Tan

Deployment Analyst at Michelin

Anita Van Looveren

CEO at OM Partners

Abhi Patel

Vice President Customer Solutions OMP USA at OM Partners

Bart Stynen

Director Solution Design & Product Development at OM Partners

Jan Geuens

Partner at OM Partners

Jan Snoeckx

Sr Manager Solution Design & Product Development at OM Partners

Kurt Gillis

Director Business Development at OM Partners

Luc Schepens

Partner at OM Partners

Paul Vanvuchelen

Director Customer Solutions at OM Partners

Philip Vervloesem

Sr Vice President Sales and Marketing at OM Partners

Pieter Geerinck

Project Manager at OM Partners

Pieter Van Nyen

Director Software Development at OM Partners

Robin Willems

Associate Director Customer Solutions at OM Partners


20 product demonstrations will be shown, giving a real insight into all aspects of our planning modules. These simultaneous, walkthrough demonstrations allow you to wander freely between them without the need to register in advance.

  • 1. OM Partners Cloud Services

    OM Partners Cloud Services

    Using the OM Partners Cloud, a fast and secure deployment is ensured. Join this demo to learn about the usability and other benefits of our cloud-based solution. By going through an end-to-end multi-enterprise planning cycle, we will demonstrate accessibility and single sign-on authentication as well as mobile usage.

  • 2. Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE)

    Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE) - Bridging tactical and operational planning

    End-to-end Integrated Business Planning (IBP) requires horizontal and vertical integration. This OMP Plus demo focuses on the synchronization of all the planning levels within smart multi-enterprise planning. S&OE is about collaboration and exchange to provide the right visibility across the extended supply chain. Aggregated tactical decisions take immediate effect in operational planning while any operational deviation is detected and escalated when appropriate.

  • 3. Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO)

    Reduce inventory levels with Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO)

    Dynamic supply chains demand active inventory management. Experience how MEIO enables optimal safety stock levels across all echelons while maintaining target service levels. This demo will walk you through historical data analysis, analytics and simulations as well as the direct integration with supply planning at all levels.

  • 4. OMP Integrator for SAP S/4HANA

    OMP Integrator for SAP S/4HANA

    This demo shows the capabilities of the OMP Integrator for SAP, now also available for connection with SAP S/4HANA.

  • 5. Demand Sensing & Predictive Analytics

    Demand Sensing & Predictive Analytics

    Experience how big data techniques, like machine learning, are being applied to sense and predict demand at unprecedented accuracy. In this demo, you will witness how OMP Plus senses demand signals better and faster for synchronization across your supply chain.

  • 6. Order Promising with (G)ATP & CTP

    Order Promising with (G)ATP & CTP

    ‘Promises are made to be kept’. If this is the motto you live by, but you are currently lacking promising capabilities, then this demo is of interest. We show you how OMP Plus offers both real-time and batch-based order promising, while covering systems integration (the SAP order intake screen) and algorithmic aspects. Moving on, we discuss Available-to-Promise (ATP) and Global Available-to-Promise (GATP) on current and future non-reserved inventory, in which the latter offers the ability to perform a global multi-location check. Next to that, we also touch on Capable-to-Promise (CTP), where commitments are made based on net available capacity. Thanks to turnkey OMP Integrator for SAP, including its SAP NameSpace, you will have Order Promising up and running in no time.

  • 7. Demand Planning & Forecasting

    Demand Planning & Forecasting

    Experience how you can optimize accuracy by combining the strengths of analytics and effective collaboration on market intelligence. This demo covers a full demand planning cycle, going through all the steps related to statistics, collaboration and the development of a consensus plan. We focus on segmentation and how to use this to streamline your collaboration process. Finally, we demonstrate the expert system of OMP Plus, which is now more innovative and intuitive than ever before.

  • 8. Attribute-Based Planning in Life Sciences

    Attribute-Based Planning in Life Sciences

    Planning in Pharma, Biologics and Medical Devices environments becomes even more challenging when regulatory or other constraints come in at a characteristics level. This demo, based on OMP for Life Sciences, uses shelf life to explain how obsolescence and shortages are minimized by taking these constraints into account. We focus on advanced solver capabilities, make the link with pegging and explain how interactive planning and validation are supported.

  • 9. Push-Pull Planning in Chemicals

    Push-Pull Planning in Chemicals

    Discover how outside-in demand signals across the network are synchronized with a push plan. In the Chemical industry, upstream production processes are typically divergent, leading to highly interconnected value streams. This demo, based on OMP for Chemicals, highlights the example of a base material that pushes multiple by- and co-products further down the supply chain. Planning optimization is achieved by creating a value-based product wheel, while meeting inventory and demand targets.

  • 10. Transport (route & load) Planning

    Transport (route & load) Planning

    In this demo, you find out how seamless integration between production scheduling and transport optimization can increase business benefits. See how deployment planning can connect to the execution level in one integrated cycle. Transport routes, and truck or container loading are optimized by considering stacking, weight, unloading sequence and other constraints.

  • 11. Integrated Planning for Metals

    Integrated Planning for Metals

    In many Metals industries, order-specific requirements trigger the need for one-time routings and bills of materials (BOMs). OMP Plus allows to integrate all necessary functions, such as BOM & routing generation and material allocation, in the planning and scheduling cycle. Discover how planning master data are dynamically generated on the fly, taking specific characteristics into account. This enables a smooth and agile planning process, especially when unforeseen business opportunities require a fast response. Witness how OMP Plus allows to easily prioritize and evaluate work in progress (WIP) material against rush orders, to be able to meet requested delivery dates while balancing order book with capacity usage.

  • 12. Deployment Planning with Full Visibility

    Deployment Planning with Full Visibility

    In this concurrent planning demo, you witness how OMP Plus balances fair share with prioritization rules when deploying inventories through a multi-tier DC network. Learn how users can easily decide on exceptions to which ad hoc business rules apply. The demo starts by propagating a sensed demand signal throughout the whole supply chain. Next, the updated constrained production plan serves as basis to determine a best-fit deployment plan. Before handing the plan over to detailed transport planning (see demo 10), a full-carrier solver proposes a smart grouping of transfer orders based on availability, due date, weight, volume and other constraints.

  • 13. Integrated Planning in OMP for Packaging

    Integrated Planning in OMP for Packaging

    Discover the latest version of OMP for Packaging, previously known as the Corrugated and Solid Board System. The demo shows a comprehensive view of the current plant status, from where the major planning functionalities can be initiated. This allows you to update the master plan, optimize cutting and synchronize the schedule in one single flow of planning activities. Next, we will show how planners can quickly solve high-priority issues by means of the to-do panel.

  • 14. S&OP and Demand Planning in Metals

    S&OP and Demand Planning in Metals

    Find out how OMP for Metals uses the power of simulation management to enable a demand-driven business strategy. In this demo, you learn how the impact of large project deals is evaluated against capacity investments, the portfolio mix and other tactical considerations. We will simulate the impact of downtimes to assess the optimal reconfiguration options of production routes. At last, we will also zoom into the concept of Flow Planning.

  • 15. OMP for Paper and Plastics

    OMP for Paper and Plastics

    In this demo, we cover a complete demand-driven planning cycle, based on the latest version of OMP for Paper and Plastics. Step by step, we will walk you through a seamless process where forecasting is turned into a master plan with an embedded campaign plan. We will focus on (multi-stage) slitting optimization and the integration with detailed scheduling. Experience how trim reduction and higher service levels are achieved by combining tactical and operational functions in one integrated solution.

  • 16. Touchless Planning in Packaging

    Touchless Planning in Packaging

    Ready to imagine the future of planning & scheduling in Packaging industries? Join this demo and learn how fully automated planning solutions can autonomously recover from events, such as machine breakdowns, material shortages, production speed variations, and so on. We will show how automation enables a future of self-operating shop floors.

  • 17. New Collaborative Forecasting

    New Collaborative Forecasting

    We are proud to present this new OMP architecture supporting the future digitization of supply chains. In this session, we will demonstrate how collaborative forecasting users can simultaneously access and collaborate on large data sets. A new navigator allows for even more intuitive and flexible slicing & dicing over any selected dimension. Demand changes can be made at any aggregation level and are instantly accessible to all other stakeholders.

  • 18. Smart Planning & Scheduling

    Smart Planning & Scheduling

    In this demo, we touch upon the foundations of supply chain planning. Supply disruptions are easily tackled by combining the power of solvers and touchless planning with the user’s intelligence. Direct connection of schedule consequences and supply plans allow for real-time supply visibility across different planning horizons. We will go through some reality-based examples to highlight the OMP Plus capabilities to simulate, optimize, respond and autocorrect.

  • 19. Dynamic Master Data Management

    Dynamic Master Data Management

    While the need for more dynamic and ad hoc master data shaping is increasing, ERP systems are lagging in response to those needs. In this demo, you will discover how OMP enables intuitive and quick master data creation based on a New Product Introduction (NPI). The end-to-end supply chain of that NPI is shaped through an interactive flow chart. In doing so, we make sure that all relevant lead time, transport, capacity and other data is easily added. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so we conclude the demo with immediate integration of the NPI in the S&OP plan and simulate against the current tactical plans.

  • 20. S&OP/IBP


    S&OP/IBP in OMP Plus delivers visibility and control trough the power of integrated cross-functional planning capabilities. Native scenario management supports tactical and strategic orchestration by connecting with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. Witness how business plan alignment is realized through state-of-the-art technology that embeds descriptive and prescriptive analytics to simulate, analyze and compare multiple value-based optimized scenarios. These scenarios include supplier collaboration using interactive communication channel and automatic emailing to enable true value.

Round Tables

1. Architecture & Integration

This round table focuses on end-to-end architecture and integration. We will touch on the path forward on cloud implementation and integration, including SAP S4/HANA (on-premise or cloud), SAP Cloud Platform, iPaas, Visibility Systems, Brokerage, Blockchain and more.

(Session full. Registration no longer possible.)

2. Customer Value Management

Understanding the true value of a supply chain project is crucial to gaining management approval. However, questions on how to define, measure and allocate this value to the actual project often remain unanswered. This round table focuses on uncovering true value drivers and how to best incorporate measurement before, during and after the solution delivery.

(Session full. Registration no longer possible.)

3. Smart and Connected Planning

Emerging innovations like digitized supply chains, IOT, machine learning, 3-D printing enable a new generation of smart and connected planning solutions. In this session, we invite you to share views on current adoption as well as future opportunities: What does ‘smart and connected’ mean for your industry? How do you manage and realize your digital road maps? Which strategies can be adopted to move from hype to reality?

(Session full. Registration no longer possible.)

4. Demand-Driven MRP (DDMRP)

DDMRP is hot among supply chain professionals. In this session we will exchange ideas on how this methodology can strengthen advanced supply chain planning and optimization, while also discussing possible limitations in complex manufacturing environments.

(Session full. Registration no longer possible.)

Training Sessions (NEW)

We offer you the opportunity to follow a half-day training session with our experts on various topics.
Don’t miss your discount and make sure you book well in advance!

- Standard training rate (€375).

These training sessions come in fixed combinations, which can be found in the registration form.
Each training takes 2 hours, which will be spread over the course of 2 sessions.

  • 1. Integrate scheduling with execution

    How to integrate scheduling with execution (Functional training)

    Learn in this hands-on functional training how you can better synchronize scheduling decisions with your colleagues in execution: Manufacturing, Quality, Maintenance and more. In this training we build a Gantt chart from scratch and optimize it for printing as well as online viewing. Additionally, we train you to create different types of detailed information reports.

  • 2. Design dashboards and business reports

    How to design dashboards and business reports (Functional training)

    Dashboards should be built to tell a story. A well-designed dashboard provides a holistic overview that allows users to easily identify and prioritize alerts. From there, it directs users to more focused and detailed views where these alerts can be resolved. This functional training starts by exploring the basics of good dashboard design. After that, we dive into configuration aspects of both dashboards and their components, as well as business reports optimized for PDF sharing.

  • 3. Business rules drive exception-based planning

    How transparent business rules drive exception-based planning (Planning & coaching)

    In this session we share recommendations and best practices for effectively managing your planning cycle. A key driver for exception-based planning is the identification of business rules. We teach you how to apply those rules to segment by planning horizon.

  • 4. Enhancing KPIs through demand planning

    Enhancing KPIs through demand planning process improvement (Advisory)

    Learn from our experts how process improvement in demand planning can be achieved by following 7 simple steps. We start with some foundations of statistical forecasting including sensing, accuracy metrics, KPIs and segmentation. Next, we put these core principles together and discuss possible approaches to improve collaborative processes.

  • 5. Supply chain segmentation

    Realize your business strategy through supply chain segmentation (Advisory)

    OMP Plus supports different types of segmentation to be used for several purposes, including inventory policies, sourcing and other solver rules. This creates significant value, perfectly aligned with your business strategy. We explore how to connect business strategies with planning, focusing on cost, service or agility.


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Happy Hour location

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