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Corporate Social Responsibility
Charity at OM Partners

Encouraging Involvement in Charity Projects

OM Partners takes up its corporate responsibility and allocates a yearly budget for charity initiatives that create a large and lasting impact. Because we also want to support the active involvement of our employees, we encourage them, each year, to submit a charity organization to which they are personally committed. All colleagues are involved in the vote and distribution of the charity budget.

Anita Van Looveren, CEO at OM Partners, says: “We believe in social responsibility because we are team players. Getting employees involved and supporting them is of paramount importance to us.”

Charity at OM Partners

Charity Organizations

Charity short list of 2018:

  • MAHAK – MAHAK is an Iranian charity supporting children with cancer and their families.
  • CKG Lentekind – Lentekind is a Belgian center for child care and family support.
  • MSA-AMS – MSA-AMS is a Belgian self-help group, supporting and educating MSA patients, family members and caretakers.
  • Escuelas Cuidadas – Escuelas Cuidadas supports orphanages and schools in Bolivia.
  • St Gabriels Hospital – St Gabriel’s Hospital provides medical treatment and specialized diagnoses for the poor rural community in Malawi.


Charity organization of previous years: