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OMP training
OMP for Packaging - MES - Corrugator Station/Link

In this training you will get more insight into the use of the Corrugator Station and Corrugator Link application. 

Target audience

  • Users that wish to deepen their knowledge of OMP Corrugator Station/Link
  • Application managers
  • Project members in a new project: key users, project managers, etc.


1-day interactive classroom training explaining the basic concepts of the OMP Corrugator Station/Link. 


  • Basic flow
  • Display of the current status and additional information
  • Correction of feedback
  • Downloading CIs
  • Closing a shift
  • Extra features (e.g. quality tracing) 


Basic experience with OMP for Packaging

 Note: These details are provided for informational purposes only; content, prices and conditions can be subject to variation. For the latest details, please consult your OMP representative.


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