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About OM Partners
Go for the Optimum

OM Partners is a software and consulting company that delivers Supply Chain Planning Solutions. We have but one mission: to optimize our customer’s supply chain. Our solutions offer enhanced efficiency, visibility, reactivity, reliability and quality. Once delivered, OM Partners commits itself to keeping these solutions running and evolving.

Our challenge

The supply chain planning problems that we deal with are quite complex, with many alternatives to be considered. A supply chain manager has to choose between many different options related to markets, customers, products, plants, machines, transport, warehouses, silos, suppliers... We use optimization techniques to solve these problems. The combinations and possibilities are literally endless, and so are the solutions. Hence the motto ‘Go for the optimum’. In other words, we find the "best fit" for all the conflicting demands.

Service and commitment

OM Partners offers a software that can be adapted to most supply chain situations. However, our real product is service, not software. Commitment, not code. OM Partners' consultancy services help to design suitable solutions for current and future Supply Chain challenges. Analysis and prototyping provide the basis for subsequent implementation. Maintenance and support ensure that the software keeps running and is updated as necessary, to keep pace with new developments. We are challenge-driven problem solvers: we ‘Go for the optimum’ in all senses.